Modern Warfare 3: Riot Shield Guide

In this CoD Modern Warfare 3 Riot Shield guide, you are going to discover a complete overview of the Riot Shield, including what it does, how it is best used, and what the best builds and strategies are for using this unusual weapon.

Modern Warfare 3 Riot Shield Guide – Overview

The Riot Shield in Modern Warfare 3 is actually a great item, but only if you understand exactly how it works and how to use it. The Riot Shield is a shield which you hold which is completely impenetrable by bullets.

By default, it does leave your feet exposed, but if you crouch, you will be unable to be harmed by bullets from the front. You can only be attacked by explosive damage or behind once the riot shield is in position.

CoD MW3 Riot Shield – Positioning

In order to make the Riot Shield work, you need to understand the positioning. As mentioned, you must be crouching to have complete protection when using the Riot Shield. If you ever stand up, sprint, or pull out your weapon, you will be vulnerable.

However, the direction your camera is facing is very important too. If you ever look too far down, your head will be vulnerable (bending over puts the riot shield into the ground) whereas if you ever look too far into the air, your legs will be vulnerable (looking up points the Riot Shield towards the sky).

Riot Shield’s Function When Not In Use

What most people do not realize is that when you are using your secondary weapon, the Riot Shield sits on your back and is still actually active. This means that if someone shoots you in the back and hits your Riot Shield, you will not take any damage!

However, the same rules apply. If you ever aim towards the ground or in the sky your Riot Shield will be pointing in an odd direction and leave you vulnerable to attack. However, if you crouch down and look straight ahead, you will be completely immune from bullet and melee attacks from behind.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Riot Shield Strategies – Attacking

When you have a Riot Shield equipped, you can bash enemy players with your shield by pressing the “melee” button that you would use to knife an enemy. Note that the range is fairly short and unlike a knife you actually have to get two bashes to kill an opponent (or hit a weakened opponent).

Since it requires two hits, it is really hard to bash an enemy player and most of the time it is not recommended. Instead, you can usually deflect bullet damage long enough for a teammate to come by and clean them up or for your enemy to get bored and run away. The latter happens a lot – players get bored with you and try to run off and look for an easier target.

When players turn and run, you can swap to your secondary weapon and shoot them in the back. This is how I have been able to get the vast majority of my kills with a Riot Shield. The downside here of course is that you do not get o level up your Riot Shield this way.

Modern Warfare 3 Riot Shield Guide – Defense and Distraction

The main purpose of the Riot Shield is distraction. Whenever you are moving down a tight hallway or building, you can go in first with your teammates behind you. Your Riot Shield will soak up a lot of bullet damage this way, and allow your teammates to take out players from the safety of behind your shields.

Additionally, you can always use your Riot Shield to defend points or players, such as in Domination or Capture the Flag. Standing on a point with a Riot Shield draws enemy players out into dangerous territory in order to get a kill. Your teammates sitting at a safe position can then take out any enemies which take the bait.

Modern Warfare 3 Riot Shield Builds

With a Riot Shield, you have two options when it comes to the actual shield itself – melee or speed. Personally, I think speed is the best as soon as you can unlock it. While melee does decrease the time in between melee attacks, you still need to get two hits, which means whichever enemy unfortunate enough to get bashed by you is either new to Modern Warfare 3 or just not very good at it.

Speed helps you move faster, which makes you much more useful when trying to push forward with your teammates behind you and keep enemy players from getting behind you. For now, let’s all agree that Speed is the only real option for your Riot Shield.

When it comes to your perk and weapon selection, that is another matter altogether. There are two builds for you to choose from here: Offensive/Solo and Team-Oriented.

The offensive player who wants to use the Riot Shield in a pick-up game of Team Deathmatch will be best off using Sleight of Hand Pro (Perk 1), Overkill Pro (Perk 2), and whichever Perk 3 you like (I prefer Steady Aim).

This will let you use a Riot Shield along with an Assault Rifle. With Sleight of Hand pro, you can switch between the two fairly quickly. As soon as an enemy turns their back on you, you can quickly pull out your rifle and use it to take out an opponent.

Additionally, if you think an enemy might sneak up behind you but need to watch in front of you, you can put your Riot Shield on your back and crouch, thereby offering you some extra protection. This works well for players in games of Domination when they might be the only person guarding that objective and find yourself fending of attacks.

Alternatively, team players who are using their Riot Shield in a team-setting could swap out Overkill for Blast Shield. The reason for this is because if you have teammates behind you firing, you do not need an Assault Rifle. Your job is to stay alive and soak up damage. Since the Riot Shield can be weak against explosives, it does help to use Blast Shield in Perk Slot 2.

If you are not going for Overkill, I recommend using the Skorpion Machine Pistol as a secondary. You can swap this out whenever you need to engage in close-quarters combat and this weapon is one of the best in the game at that function, even without Kick proficiency.

Modern Warfare 3 Riot Shield Guide – Conclusion

The Riot Shield is not a bad weapon to use and can be very effective when it is made part of a coordinated team effort. The two perks which really help increase your effectiveness when using this as a solo player are Sleight of Hand Pro and Overkill, which when combined will let you use the Riot Shield with an Assault Rifle and switch quickly between them.

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